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Crew Members

Our moving team of highly trained professionals is committed to quality with every move. Everyone at 208 Moving treats you with respect, and your property with the utmost care.

We Are More Than A Moving Company

We are a local company, veteran owned, and operated by people living here in the Boise Area. We come from diverse backgrounds and experiences and strive to make your moving experience enjoyable and personable.

We are committed to providing you with the best moving experience at an affordable rate. Our philosophy is that our employees and customers always come first. We are always committed to being the most competitive moving company in the Boise area, both with our service and our rates.

We understand that moving can be a hassle and a big commitment. Our job is to accommodate you through every step of your moving process, from start to finish.

Luke R.

general manager

Luke is an Idaho native and has lived in Boise for 10 years. He has over 20 years experience in customer service and sales and over 4 years experience in the moving industry. From working with the crews on the trucks to running the office, Luke’s done it all.

When it comes to working for 208 Moving, Luke likes having the freedom to focus on empowering the team, growing the business, and ultimately making customers happy. Afterall, you wouldn’t trust your life to just anyone, why trust just anyone to move your life?

In his free time, Luke enjoys spending time with his partner, Amanda and their two dogs. You can often find them skiing, mountain biking, or hiking depending on the season.

Matt R.


I have worked in the moving industry for 5 years and currently serving in the United States Air National Guard.  I have a strong work ethic that has helped me define who I am.

I’m an active individual ready to take part in the next adventure from skydiving, wake-boarding, hockey, soccer, hiking, camping, or what ever comes my way.

Drew W.


I was born in Minnesota, but I have been living in Idaho since 1996. I have worked in the moving industry for over 4 years but before that, I used to work seasonally for the Forest Service as Wild land firefighter in the Frank Church Wilderness. I love the adventure of life, traveling, hiking, diving, rock climbing and camping. I am currently serving in the United States Army.

Daniel W.

Crew Lead

Originally from Oregon, I have lived in Idaho over half my life, and couldn’t think of a better place to live. I take a huge amount of pride in the work that I do. This dates back to one of my first jobs installing carpet, to owning my own framing company, to now, being in the moving industry 5 plus years and counting. I have held various leadership and supervisor roles in which I still do today. I carry my pride and work ethic outside of work as well from art, sports, music and my best accomplishment, being a father. Along with my work ethic, I consider myself to be a laid back, fun going guy and I will carry that into your moving experience as well.

Daniel D.

Names Daniel may be small but I’ll get the job done, I enjoy the job I do and take pride in my work hope to move you soon!

Josh F.

Crew Lead

My name is Josh Folkes. I’m 27 years old and have been working for 208 moving for a little over a year. I grew up in Boise and have lived here most of my life. In my free time I enjoy playing sports and exploring the outdoors. I will be attending Boise State in the spring in pursuit of an accounting degree.

Jeremiah B.

My name is Jeremiah, I have two lovely daughters and an amazing girlfriend (soon to be more than just my girlfriend). I love to hike, camp, fish, hunt, snowboard, play guitar and many other things. My passion is music and the outdoors. I hope to attend college in the near future (if life permits) and get my degree in environmental science.


As a Boise resident for most of my life, I enjoy spending my free time outside, hiking, boarding, rafting, or swinging clubs on the links. Several years ago I graduated with a BS in Criminal Justice from Boise State University. I worked with C-130s in the Idaho Air National Guard for 10 years, traveling throughout the world. 208 has been a great place to work, with great co-workers.

Billy R.

Lead Moving Assistant

My parents call me Billy but sometimes customers call me by “hey mover” or “Hey you” either way it works. The best of the best, I am young and got some time before my back starts to go out so my bosses run the crap out of me, but hey that’s fine with me because work is work and I gotta get that pay check. I’m respectful, trustworthy, and friendly, I am pretty easy to get along with. Also I am pretty tall, so when packing and grabbing something that is on shelves that some short people have problems with, it’s kind of easy for me. Very strong….. VERY!

Josh G.

Crew Lead

My name is Josh G. I’m 25 years old and have lived in Boise since 1997. I have been working for 208 moving for almost a year now and was in the Air force for four years. I’m currently attending Boise State University for my supply-chain management degree. I enjoy any outdoor activities but ultimate Frisbee the most. My friends and family are always a big part of my life and I’m happy to say I can add 208 to that list.

Mitch R.

Crew Lead

My name is Mitch and I am originally from a small farm town just north of Spokane. I moved to Boise several years ago to attend Boise State and just graduated with a B.S. in Exercise Science. My favorite hobbies include golfing, snowboarding, camping, and I just recently started disc golfing. At 208 moving company we all enjoy working together and take great pride in our work. I believe this creates a great atmosphere for not only the employees, but the customer as well.


I am a Field Supervisor here at 208 Moving Company.
My task at hand is to train new assistants, drivers, and to make certain that they take the utmost care of your valuables, and guarantee your move is of peace of mind for you and your family.
I very much enjoy the collecting, and appreciation of vinyl records.
I also enjoy hiking, hunting and foraging for medicinal plants and edible mushrooms.
I am really looking forward to making your next move a pleasant experience.