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3 Questions to Ask a Moving Business

3 Questions to Ask a Moving Business

Many people move for all kinds of reasons. According to Upwork, between 14 and 23 million Americans are planning to move due to remote work. When it’s time to hire mover services, you will probably have many questions. Keep reading to see three of the most essential questions to ask.

Do You Offer Packing Services?

It is a great idea to find out if you or the moving service will do the packing. If you find mover services that will also pack your belongings for you, they will likely have all the supplies required to prevent breaking your possessions. They will probably bring shrink wrap to keep your furniture secure, moving blankets, and various other materials. It is also wise to see the cleanliness of their supplies before agreeing to let them pack for you. You can also read customer reviews to learn about how previous customers feel about their work.

What Is the Overall Cost?

Getting an idea of the cost ahead of time and learning if there are any hidden fees is vital. Find a company that is transparent with you. If there’s a certain percentage expected for gratuity, you can also find that out ahead of time. Sometimes movers charge extra when a move is involved without an elevator. They also will likely have a system in place for calculating travel costs, so you should be able to ask them about it and plan accordingly. Some movers offer discounts for seniors and military members as well.

How Much Time Does It Take?

Knowing how much time the moving professionals will take is also very helpful to know in advance. For local moving, movers may require a set minimum amount of time, such as an hour and a half. From there, they may add on charging times based on how many extra minutes the move takes. For long-distance moving, they may charge for travel based on the number of miles driven.

Do you or your company have a local or long-distance move in the near future? Mentally preparing to move is hard enough, so it’s worthwhile to learn about what your local mover services have to offer. Call 208 Moving Company for a free packing and moving estimate today!

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