Helpful Hints

Helpful Hints

The basis of these hints is to save you money and make your move go as smoothly as possible.

Moving is a stressful time in anyone’s life and an organizational nightmare. We are here to help make the experience less stressful and to complete it as efficiently as possible. To do this though we need your help. The following is a list of ways to be prepared for our team.

    Tape all boxes closed to prevent items from falling out.
    Label boxes to where they are going at the new location, not where they are coming from
    The top can be folded but we strongly suggest that the tops are taped down as well.
    Make sure any box you have packed can close and items aren’t sticking out.
    Don’t pack a large quantity of heavy items into a large box such as books.
    Wrap all breakables to protect them inside the box.
    Fill the boxes complete

    Make sure any items you don’t want to move are separated and make the crew aware of them.
    It’s great to have people there to direct the crew but too many people can get in the way, which can slow down the process.
    Have a plan where items will be going at the new home before we arrive. This way, as the crew brings items in, you can direct them to the room the item needs to go to.
    Have an idea where you want your furniture to go in the new home.

    Make the driveway and all walkways accessible for the crew.
    Disconnect all appliances and electronics.
    Have all the boxes in a centralized location such as a living room or garage.
    Empty out the fridge.
    Make sure all packing is completed before the crew arrives.
    Have the keys of the new place before the crew is ready to unload.
    (If the crew must wait for you to gain access we unfortunately will have to charge you for that time.)

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